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"The Surprise Party" (Discussion)

Originally posted by faeriebreath at "The Surprise Party" (Discussion)
I really do not like Jimmy & Karen’s relationship. It baffles me. Or, it DID...

After the dance rehearsal, when she is walking with her friend, she mentions that Devon appeared to be a gentleman but turned out to be a scumbag. Therefore she’s trying to escape the same fate by using the logic that if a guy appears to be a scumbag then he must me a gentleman. That totally makes sense, Karen.

Oh yeah, and as for that dance number…I was glad to have something with a peppy beat. Maybe it was a little too upbeat? After all, what would musical theater be with a little cheesiness? Besides, I rather liked the “originals” dancing with their “past selves.”

Do you think Jimmy obeyed Derrick out of fear of getting his butt kicked or out of fear of Derrick refusing to help him afterwards? Because the second one definitely turned out to be true…I know Derrick is being petty, but it is nice to see him not being such a kitten all the time. Finally.

I don’t know what to think of his little confession to Karen though. It seemed kind of…I don’t know. Flat? I’m not saying that he needed to drop to one knee, or anything, because that would have been OOC also. I suppose I just expected him to be a little more snide when Karen explained that she was in a relationship already. You know, a little charming sarcasm..But meh, whatever. Instead he just Hulked out during rehearsal and made some sort of passive aggressive move with the script. I guess that works. *shrug*

I’m pretty curious as to find out what he did to the script...

And my face hit the floor when I heard this line: “I thought you were more of a man. I thought you both were.”
Really, Karen? REALLY? You expected better behavior from a womanizer and a drug addict with a temper problem? And then she acts all surprised when she finds drugs in his pocket? Bet she wishes she had waited a little longer to forgive him!

I thought Liza Minelli and Tom’s number for Ivy was cute, but why did Richard walk away from the dinner table? Also, why didn’t Ivy invite Tom if she had reconciled with him?

And last but not least: Yessss! Go team Ivy & Derrick! Although I’m sure Karen will spit Derrick’s proposal in front of her face if she ever gets fed up with Ivy again.


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Apr. 14th, 2013 06:02 am (UTC)
This episode left me really annoyed.

I've just watched the new one. I'm even MORE annoyed.
Apr. 14th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
I just hope this isn't all leading to a terrible season finale. They had better start fixing a few things...like give Karen a brain. And find a darn good explanation for Jimmy's snotty attitude. Why does he feel so entitled? It's as if every time he meets someone he automatically thinks they owe him something!
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May. 1st, 2013 07:27 pm (UTC)
Like you mentioned on a different entry, I'm a little nervous also about when the shows start competing on Broadway, since Ivy & Karen have started being decent to each other. Karen has her ammo, but will she be forced to pull the trigger?

But at the same time, since Ivy's recently untangled herself from Derek, would she even care if Karen did tell her? I feel like she might...despite both girls feigned indifference, they must have feelings for him.

I'm wondering what Ivy's reaction would be if Karen every did give in to Derek. Oh imagination, e so entertaining...

I originally thought that maybe Jimmy obeyed Derek out of fear that Derek would no longer help them, but you're right, that doesn't seem to be a concern any of the other times he's around Derek.
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