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I have to vent my version of what I wish happened on tonight's episode.

Name: Old Dog, New Tricks
Pairing: Derek Wills/Karen Cartwright
Rating: PG-13'Jealous... Old... Man'

Karen was younger than him, that part was true, but Derek Wills was hard from old. He still had tricks up his sleeve and there wasn't much in him that was ready to lay down and die. The magazine that was in his hand slammed down hard onto the table, "Wait" He barked, a little harder than he'd meant to.

Karen's hand left the door and she turned, "For what?"

Derek pushed off the couch and stood, "Is that really what you think of me?" He moved towards her, "A jealous old man?"

Karen swallowed visibly. The anger that had caused the words to blurt from her mouth had ebbed, leaving behind adrenaline and frustration, "I.."

"Come on luv, it's not a hard question. Be honest, am I that way in those..." He lightly moved a strand of hair away from her face, "beautiful blue eyes."

"Knock it off Derek,"Karen reached up and slapped his hand away, however he caught it mid-motion and held it lightly in his grip.

"I just have to know," He rubbed the skin a top her hand lightly with his thumb, "Is that how you see me?"

"Tell me you aren't," Karen countered, "Tell me that I'm wrong." The feeling of his thumb on her hand, drawing small gentle circles was distracting. She tried to pull away. He didn't let her, "Derek-"

"You're wrong." He kissed the top of her hand, "You have no idea just how wrong." Without argument he let go of the shaking appendage.

"Bullshit," Karen muttered, rubbing the spot he'd kissed absentmindedly, "You're taking your emotions out on - "

He cut off her off, one hand reaching for her neck to pull her closer and the other lightly touching her chin to keep her close as he devoured the end of her sentence with a kiss. A kiss that demanded returning and pushed her against the hard surface of the door in order to receive it.

Which she did.

How could she fight a kiss that begged for her to join. His tongue that slipped so expertly past her lips to tickle her own and entice it to join the dance. The kiss that changed every second from hard to soft, a kiss that brought out a fog to drown her thoughts and then turned gentle, like a butterfly on her lips.

His hand left her chin and moved lower to slide up her shirt, skimming the bare skin of her stomach.

"No!" Karen yelped, her lips still attached to his, hands now pushing his shoulders.

"No?" He said quietly, breathing heavier than she'd ever heard him before, "No what?"

"No to your hand," Karen said, biting her lip as he removed his hand. Backing up he held his hands in a surrendering position, "They're where you can see them."

"I..." Karen bit her lip and fought for words, "I don't..."

"Relax," Derek dropped his hands and laughed, "You look like a deer caught in a pair of oncoming headlights."

"Can you blame me? Where did that come from? It was...that was..."

"Not an old man's kiss?" He smirked, "Don't tell me you liked it. Might encourage my jealousy."

"A game? You did that to prove a point?" She pulled open the door, "You...you are a .."

"Watch your words," Derek said slowly, before sitting back down and picking up his magazine, "I might have to clarify whatever incorrect judgments you make with more than just a little peck."

Karen left, slamming the door behind herself in the process. Little peck? That was a little peck?


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Kelli Samson
Apr. 16th, 2013 01:25 am (UTC)
This is better than nothing, but Karen needs to show more hope in the way she responds to Derek. After all, she is an adult, and even though he is older, he is still young too. Additionally, all throughout Season 1 & 2 we've had glimpses of Derek & Karen's awesome chemistry together - - its been flashed up there time after time - so that in itself gives Karen the right to feel romantic about Derek. Geez - please - - - put these two together already!
Apr. 18th, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
Hmmmmm.....I may have to continue
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