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Five Stages of Grief :S

I haven't even come on LJ thanks to the stupidity of the Smash writers. Although, as I sit here, I realized that I had to say something and join in with the others who feel the same pain as I do.

In class we were reviewing the basic stages of grief-


I am pretty sure Smash has caused me to go over the first three a dozen times or so in the past three weeks.

I currently am depressed. However, with so little left to go, I am edging into acceptance.

What a great, awesome show that has been slaughtered. How do shows like CSI, that's ratings drop and cast dwindles stay around, but shows with real potential die.

I hate television.

Viva LA Smash!


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May. 18th, 2013 04:58 am (UTC)
Are the last two episodes going to air? My tv program/dvr doesn't have Smash on the schedule for tomorrow night.
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